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The public bicycle service system:In a certain area,Every certain distance planning out some point park your bikes(Such as the subway exit、The gate of the community),A lease point placement30Or so of the bike,A lot of bicycle rental points to form a network,And through the public bicycle management system to manage these bikes。Every bicycle alone have a bicycle lock device and read card to rent a car、The car card reader(Fixed on the ground,Unable to move)。Every time the renting read card on the top,The lock is opened,You can ride a bicycle;Ride to the point of any other lease can be car,Because the system is connected to the Internet。Also the car when the car in the lock position,Read card close to the reader,The car is locked,Success is a car。 The characteristics of fujian shishi public bicycles 1)Public bike will use the latest...
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  • “Anti-triad putting”Good ride
    “Anti-triad putting”Good ride
  • Daily scheduling
    Daily scheduling
  • Maintenance and repair
    Maintenance and repair
  • Daily maintenance
    Daily maintenance
  • Riding

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  • Handle card address:
  • 1 . Administrative service center(Ring bay road brocade peak garden)
  • 2 . Shishi public bicycle management center(Lake road of squareCArea4aa00043Number)
  • More handle card address>>